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Naan Bread Forever

160g Strong White Flour (80g per person.)
2g Dried Yeast (or the left over remnant from a 7g sachet after a loaf bake using 5g)
Nigella Seeds
2 Dessertspoons of Whole Milk Yoghurt
Pinch of salt

Dissolve the yeast in the minimum amount of warm water with a little sugar and when started add a large dessertspoon of whole milk yoghurt. If using low fat yoghurt then a dash of oil is needed.

Blend with the flour and add a splash water to form dough and nead to your satisfaction, 5 minutes is enough if you are in a rush.

Cover the bowl and rest for 2 hours or more on the work top. This step can be skipped if necessary.

Add salt to taste, mix into the dough with the nigella seeds. To get the dough warmed up and actively rising in a cold kitchen, put the covered bowl in a low oven (turned off) for 30 minutes.

Cut the dough into balls of 150g each. Gently roll out into 6 inch rounds on a well floured wooden chopping board and put back into the cooling oven for 30 mins to rise. You can tell I live in a cold house!

Toss in hands to increase size to 8 inches and shake off excess flour, and place into a hot dry pan. Cook 2 minutes per side approx on a high heat, and turn one extra time until the bubbles are forming and maybe some ballooning has started. The naan bread should be about 10-15mm thick. Finish on the gas flame.

I prefer a dry plain naan bread, you can pour butter on there of course if that is what you like. For curry enthusiasts the need to eat curry can be urgent, so I would say this naan bread is doable in an hour or less by pre warming the flour in the oven and keeping the dough warm tthroughout.

These naan breads will also reheat with 30secs in the microwave and a quick flash each side on the gas flame.