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My Sourdough boule


8fl oz milk

2 tbsp caster sugar

3oz whml flour

3oz bread flour ( from my shipton mill sack)

mix togther leave in kilner jar, closed but not fastened for 4-5 days


400 gramms of bread flour ( from my shipton mill sack)

100 grammes of organis light malhouse flour ( shipton mill)

1 tsp salt

add the starter above)

mix and stand 5 mins

add 250mls luke warm water with 1 tbsp veg oil (the required amount of liquid can vary according to flour and ambient temperature)

knead iinto ball and work for 10 mins on lightly floured surface

leave to stand in an oiled bow in warm space l for 2-3 hours

re knead for 10 minues.

place in proving basket ( soakedin water and spinled with rice flour)

cover with oiled film OR damp cloth.tea towel

raising may take 12-18 hours.


heat oven to 220c

place creuset type cassrole and lid in oven whilst oven is heating up


swifly tip dough from basket onto a large oiece of grease proof paper

lift paper and dough and drop into casserole

replace lid.

straight in oven for 30 minutes

lower heat to 195c 20 minutes

lid off for approx 10 minutes

IF you like avery crusy loaf - retunr to oven out of the casserole for 5-10 minues as oven cools

Cool on wire rack

wrap in linene towel

eat asap

BUT good when a little aged if toasted lightly