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My sourdough


Shipton mill organic Strong bread flour 502g
Water 296g
Starter 100% hydration 133g
Salt 9g


Pour the water and starter into a mixing bowl; add the flour and salt, use your hands to stir till the flour is dampened then squeeze vigorously through your fingers until a dough is formed scraping down the bowl so that everything is incorporated; scrape the dough onto the work surface and knead ten times; rest for a few minutes then knead a further ten times; rest and knead for a third time.
Form into a rough ball, place in a lightly oiled bowl, cover. Allow to ferment for about four hours stretching each hour for the first three hours. This is not essential but will improve the dough structure.
Shape the dough and place it in a lined cast iron pan. Cover and leave for 31⁄2-4 hours checking with the finger tip test after 3 hours. Put in fridge overnight.

Pre heat oven on full.
Slash and bake for 30mins with lid on. 5/8 mins lid off.
Cool on a wire rack.