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My delicious Chives, Cheese and Jalapeno Sourdough Bread.

400g - Canadian white flour

5g - salt

230g - water

160g - starter

12g - chives (chopped 1/4 inch)

135g - sharp cheddar cheese (1/4 inch cubes)

50g - jalapenos sliced

I use 400g of Canadian white flour with 5g of salt, mix together. Next is 230g of water and 160g of starter to the flour and mix all together.

Then empty the contents onto the worktop and start kneading for around 10 mins until you have the window effect in your dough, once you get there, just put your round dough into an oiled bowl, place somewhere warm like an airing cupboard for around 3 1/2 to 4 hours or double it size.

Next stage is back to the worktop and add chives, sharp cheddar cheese and Jalapenos into the bowl with the sourdough then mix thoroughly by hand so everything is evenly together, after that empty contents onto the worktop make a round ball (it could be messy but don't worry) drag the dough towards you a few times then place into a dusted proofing basket, I use rice flour in the proofing basket, I prefer this than a normal flour it does not stick as much. Cover with a plate and place into the fridge over night.

Next morning pre-heat oven for 30 mins, maximum temperature and, make sure you have already placed a roasting tray at the bottom of the oven, boil a kettle full of water and while this is happening turn your sourdough over and onto baking dish and score the top of your Sourdough, as you place the sourdough into the middle of the oven pour hot water from the kettle into the oven tray, so this will produce steam, approximately 300ml of hot water, once you have closed the oven door turn the temperature down to 220 fan and cook for 35 minutes. Good luck and enjoy..