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Monkey Bread


500g strong flour

2tsps dried yeast

1tsp sugar

150ml sour cream, creme fraiche or vegan yoghurt

2tsps salt

150ml milk or dairy-free mylk

125g melted butter, mixed with your choice of flavourings – chopped garlic, saffron, herbs of your choice. Sweet versions – cinnamon, honey, cardamom, fruit


1. Warm the liquids and mix into dry ingredients

2. Knead for 8-10 minutes.

3. Cover with damp cloth and leave in a warm place till double

4. Knock back and knead to original size

5. Roll out dough to 2cm thick and cut with a medium-sized biscuit cutter or wine glass into rounds

6. Dip each piece in butter and layer overlapping in a round cake tin or mould with a central spike (for a more crusty and delicious edge)

7. Pour over any remaining butter, cover and allow to rise

8. Bake at 190C till risen and golden (about 30 minutes in a fan oven)

9. Put a plate over the tin and invert carefully so that you don't dislodge the segments

10. Always best eaten fresh and warm