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Marvellous Organic Bread Gluten Free 98% Buckwheat

Saint-Exupéry says: the beauty is not when there is nothing to add but when there is nothing to take away!!


6 gr sea salt

475 gr lukewarm water 35°C

15 gr olive oil

10 gr psyllium grains


mix these 4 first ingredients

pour inside 490 gr organic Gluten Free Shipton Mill buckwheat flour

and 5 gr dry yeast

mix 3 minutes in the kitchenaid bowl

pour in a metalic mould with baking paper

place a second empty mould upside down on the first mould like a "bell"

now 40 minutes in the oven preheated at 65°C

after rise the temperature to 185°C during 35 minutes

PLease do not be too hurry: let it cool; Bon Appétit!