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Margherita Cake (Gluten Free)

180g eggs (about 3)

150g sugar

1g salt

1 lemon (zest)

50g yolks (about 3)

3g baking powder

90g buckwheat flour

50g potato starch or cornflour

90g melted butter

I normally use a stand mixer for this recepie but I think an electric hand mixer would be suitable.

Whip eggs with sugar at medium speed, add salt and lemon zest and turn to high speed for 8 minutes, then add one yolk at a time and leave the mixer spinning while preparing the dry components.

In a bowl add together baking powder, buckwheat flour and potato starch and then sift twice.

Turn the speed down to slow and add the mixture of powders.

Increase the speed to high for few seconds to mix completely.

Take a small portion of the mixture obtained (2 or 3 large spoonfull) and mix it in a bowl with melted butter, when completely mixed incorporate it to the main mixure and amalgamate gently.

Pour into a baking tray, previously buttered and floured, and bake at 190°C for 40 minutes.

Once cooled sprinkle with powdered sugar.