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Malted Sourdough Loaf

Makes one loaf

315g Organic Light Malthouse Flour

135g White Bread Flour

100g sourdough starter (refreshed 10-14 hours before)

10g salt

300g water

Mix all together in a bowl with a metal spoon until combined. Leave for 30 minutes In a covered bowl. Wet your hands and Turn the dough over, keeping in the bowl if you can and do 12 folds by taking a section of the dough on the outside and folding into the middle. Rotate the bowl and repeat until the 12th turn. Flip back over and cover for 2 hours.

Repeat the wet hands, with 6 folds this time and cover it again and leave for another 2 hours. Then repeat leaving for an hour this time.

Now dampening the side and your hands and flip the dough out, folded side facing down. Gently tuck to shape into a tightish ball, turn the bowl upside down and cover the dough for a final hour.

using rice flour, sprinkle into a banneton, flip the dough so the folded side is upwards and place in the fridge over night. At least 8 hours.

Take out dough and rest on the side for about 45 mins, preheat the oven to 240 degrees. When ready, use a casserole dish with lid and place over the banneton, flip over and reposition the dough in the dish. Score if needed in any shape, lid on and in the oven for 25 mins. Take lid off and turn down to 180 for another 15.

Cool on wire rack.