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Malted seed laof

560g Shiptons white seeded bread flour

50g malted wheat flakes

10g sea salt

5g dried yeast

20g olive oil

385g tepid water


1 Activate yeast by adding to tepid water. I usually add a good pinch of sugar to get things going (if using fast action yeast omit this and add to dry ingredients)

2 Mix all dry ingrediants together

3 Add the oil to dry mix

4 Pour in activated yeast mixture

5 Mix in mixer with dough hook for 10 mins. If by hand 15 mins

6 Leave in warm place to double in size for approx 1 hour

7 Shape by hand and put into proving basket or tin

8 cover and leave to double in size for 1 hour

9 Heat oven to 200 C and bake with steam until golder - about 30 mins

Cool and enjoy