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Malted Multigrain and White 'Terracotta'

Mix 400g 101 Finest Bakers White flour with 10g BIOREAL Dried Organic Yeast

Add 400g water and mix well. Leave to work for a couple of hours or until lively, depending on temprature

Add 200g Malted multigrain (Organic Light Malthouse flour for example) and bring together, knead until a silky dough is formed then leave to prove until increased in volume by 60 to 70%.

Knead lightly and form into a loaf.

Leave to prove in a round proving basket or banneton, I sprinkled a small handful of cut malted rye in the basket.

Bake in a hot oven (220-250°C) for about 40 mins.

The terracotta bit of this is using a flowerpot saucer as a baking stone. I used one from a Swedish home store but any 'substantial' saucer would do. Make sure it is dry before using in the oven. Dust with a little flour just before tipping the loaf in. The lip helps prevent softer loaves spreading out. I imagine the base of a Tagine could be used in a similar way.