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Making it easy

Our Focus on - the easiest way to make bread ever has certainly caused a reaction. Some people don't like the whole idea, but loads of you have given it a go and, we hear, have had some excellent results.

Great feedback

It's great when people get in touch, either to ask questions or to give us their ideas or take on things.

The biggest issue seems to be with the overnight recipes sticking to the pot, which can be something of a challenge. We've had a number of suggestions on how to solve this:a tin in the pot

  • Stu left an idea in a comment on the New York Pot Loaf recipe to put the dough in a tin, which you then put in the pot. One of our Facebook fans tried this on the overnight white sourdough to great success (see pic).
  • one home baker had better success with the no knead loaf as his pot loaf stuck – at least to begin with. However, he persevered and found that it works better in a pot that has been used a few times, as if the pot has seasoned somehow.
  • and another found using a relatively large pot and a smallish dough on the New York Pot Loaf was a good solution.

I hope those ideas are useful.

And thanks to everyone who gave a star rating to our recipes, it certainly helps people see which ones work the best (click to see the recipes). Next time, please add a comment too - that way we can all benefit from your experience.

Best contributions

We have had 2 outstanding contributions: first, from Alec Tunbridge, who sent us these great pics (click here to see Alec's album).

Wholemeal sourdough photo series

And secondly from Sasha Clarkson (click here to see Sasha's album).

Sasha's easy baking pics

We were so impressed with these pics that we have decided to give a £25 Flour Direct voucher to the person who makes the best contribution to our online efforts each month. No surprise that we 2 winners this month - well done Alec and Sasha and thanks for the pics. We'll be in touch with your vouchers shortly.

So get writing recipes, taking photos, tweeting, posting on Facebook or emailing us with your ideas and you could get the £25 voucher next month.


This email has generated a lots of debate and interest, not least here at the mill! The 2 simple ideas, whether used together or on their own, started me experimenting. I love the results I get on the no knead method and can make a loaf with about 3 minutes of hands on time.

And that's inspired me ... I'm now baking a wider range of bread, as well as baking more frequently. I hope it did the same for you.