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Long fermented sourdough bread recipe


1) 350g white bread flour (you can also mix 250g white bread flour and 100g wholemeal bread flour)

2) 150g white rye flour

3) cca 50g of sourdough starter

4) any seeds you like - 2-3 tea spoons all together (chia, pumpkin, sunflower, lindseeds etc)

5) 2 tea spoons of salt

6) 1 tea spoon of caraway seeds (please don't exclude)

7) 350ml of cold water


1. In a bowl, mix all ingredients into a stiff dough for a few minutes with a wooden spoon or with a dough whisk. The dough will be quite sticky. Don’t overdo mixing just mix till all ingredients are combined.
2. Cover and ferment on the kitchen worktop overnight (8-12 hrs depending on the temperature in your house).
3. In the morning, turn dough onto slightly floured surface and gently stretch and then fold in half. Then gently stretch and fold in half again. Doing this twice will be good enough. Shape it into a loaf and place in a floured proofing basket. Cover and let rise for 3 hours, depending on temperature, until doubled in size.
4. Place your oven tray in the oven plus add a small tray (for additional water) on the bottom of the oven. Preheat oven to 250 ‘C (keep preheating for 30min). Put non-stick baking paper over the proofing basket and then put a cutting board on top. Turn the basket upside down tipping the bread on the paper and cutting board. Cut the bread lengthwise or width wise with a very sharp knife to allow for a rise while baking. Boil a cup of water. Put the bread into the oven - slide it in from the cutting board with the paper onto the tray and pour the cup of boiled water in the small tray.
5. Bake for 15 minutes on 250’C. Then take the tray with water out of the oven and lower the temperature to 190’C for additional 30-35 min.
6. Place the bread onto a cooling rack and cool for 3hrs. Don’t be tempted to eat it too soon as the cooling is part of the process and the taste of the bread will be worth waiting.