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Lisa K's sweet potato vegan buns for any occasion

8oz steamed and mashed sweet potato

2oz shiptonmill organic wholemeal einkorn flour

2oz shiptonmill organic light spelt flour

4oz shiptonmill organic untreated bread flour

3oz organic sourdough starter

6 oz organic soya cream

1 tsp pink salt

Combine sweet potato (when cool) all flour, sourdough starter and salt, stir well, then cover and let sit for one hour.

Add soya cream and knead well , cold rise overnight

Divide into 6 on dusted table and hands with flour and shape into 6 buns or rolls!

Put them on baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and cover with tea towel, let rise for a few hours

Brush with soya cream and sprinkle with poppy seeds

Bake in a pre- heated oven at 200 for 5 minutes, then at 180 for 10 - 12 minutes ..enjoy