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Lisa K's Pumpkin buns with chestnut filling.. tastes as good as it looks

Makes 12 buns

Microwave 6 oz raw pumpkin for five minutes with 2 tsp of water and let cool, and mash it.

Beat 2 eggs with one tsp of vanilla paste and one tbsp whole milk.

Make dough from 12oz Shipton Mill soft cake and pastry flour with one tbsp rice syrup or honey, or more if required, add the mashed pumpkin, the beaten eggs, one tsp Himalayan rock salt, 1oz sourdough starter and enough spring water to make a stiff dough ...Set aside for half an hour and knead with two tbsp sunflower liquid oil. Divide into 12, and fill with sweetened chestnut filling.snip dough buns with scissors.

Cold rise, brush with whole milk, preheat oven and bake at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Let cool and decorate with pumpkin seeds.