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Light Rye Biscuits


- 300g light rye flour

- 250g fine caster sugar

- 180g butter

- 1 egg

- rhum, salt and baking powder, plus extra water for the mixture

- option: dark chocolate in chips (cut down a couple of squares from a tablet)


put the dry ingredients first in a stand mixer (flour + sugar + salt + baking powder) to get a well mixed powder-like texture. Add the butter and mix. Then add the egg and rhum, with the chocolate.

if the mixture is too dry, adjust the moisture with a bit of water (3 cl, or in that range).

roll and cut rectangles about half a cm thick.

Cook in a 180°C oven during 19 min or so. Stop the oven and let it cool down while keeping the biscuits inside

the biscuits should be slightly soft at the end of the 19 min, bt will dry out while the oven is cooloing down.