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Lavender oatflour shortbread


400g gluten free flour (try oatflour for a slightly heavier bake , or gf for lightest shortbread you ever tried)

125g ground almond

300g butter (or coconut oil if vegan, but makes it heavier)

150g raw brown sugar (or caster sugar if wanting a lighter colour/ flavour)

1 tablespoon lavender flowers (optional, but delicious)

zest of a lemon


Mix flour and fat to breadcrumb texture, then add sugar, zest and finally flower heads.

Work the mixture together to form a firm dough.

Press into lined baking tray and bake for about 45mins at 150C (300F/Mk 2)

Cut into pieces whilst still warm, but leave in tin to cool.

Same mixture can be used to make indvidual biscuits, or form into a 3"sausage, roll in demerera and cut into thick medallions before baking as above.

Also good with walnuts instead of zest and lavender, oh yes - and a good cup of coffee. Lavender better with cup of Earl Grey.