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Langos with cheddar and spinach


For the dough

-350g strong white weat flour

-150g mashed (boiled) potato

-2 medium eggs (approx. 100-110g)

-70ml water

-12g sugar

-8g salt

-6g fresh yeast (or 2g dry yeast)

For the stuffing

-grated Cheddar

-fresh spinach leaves

-300 ml sunflower oil for frying


1.- Mix all the dough ingredients until you get an homogeneous mix, you should get a sticky dough. Let it settle for 15 min.

2.- After 15 min the dough should be slightly less sticky. Knead it for 5-10 min. until you get a compact (even les sticky) dough. Add an extra bit of flour in case you don't get the right consistency (your potatoes may have more water!)

3.- Leave the dough in a covered bowl at room temperature 4 hours, at least. It will be ready when it has doubled its volume.

4.-Make small portions of the dough (approx. 125g each) getting them into balls. Extend each ball (you may use a rolling pin or just your hands) on a floured surface. Put some grated cheese and spinach leaves on them, leaving the border free so that you can fold the dough and stick the edges together, keeping the stuffing inside. These are you raw langos!

5.- Heat the sunflower oil in a frying pan. Keeping the oil hot, fry the langos no more than 2-3 minutes until they get light brown. You can turn the langos upside down from time to time to have a better control of its cooking