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Khorasan Spelt Sourdough



80g H20 @ Room Temperature

40g Canadian Strong White Flour

40g Stoneground White

40g Starter


240g Canadian Strong Flour

163g Traditional White Flour

77g Stoneground White

233g Khorasan Flour

233g Wholemeal Spelt

14g Rye

10g Diastatic Malt

817g Filtered H20 @90F

21g Fine Sea Salt

192g Levain


Step 1:

Mix Levain and leave in a 78F ambient for about 5-6h

Step 2:

Straight after mixing levain mix the flours well with a whisk. Add filtered water but leave 50g for mixing later. Mix well for 4 to 5 minutes until it forms a shaggy mass.

Cover tightly and leave in the same 78F environment as levain to autolyse as the levain ripens.

Step 3:

When you notice the levain has peaked and has started to fall (5-6h), mix in the required amount, along with 30g of the remaining water, pinching the dough for 2-3 minutes until well combined.

Leave covered in the same environment for 30min before adding salt.

Step 4:

Add salt along with the remaining of the water and pinch through for 3-4 minutes until well combined.

Move the dough onto a clean counter and slap and fold for 4-5minutes until the dough starts to hold it's shape and is catching air but isn't fully developed.

Place dough in a clean bowl and cover.

Step 5: Bulk Fermentation

For the next 3:45h you will leave the dough in the same 78f environment to bulk ferment.

You should perform 5 sets of stretch and folds, 30min apart, then let the dougn rest for the remaining of the time. I will attach a picture of how my dough looked at the end of bulk so you can gauge better when to stop yours. You're basically looking for some bubbles on the top and domed sides.

Step 6:

After Bulk ferment, carefully, move your dough onto an unfloured counter, split the dough in half and preshape. Very, very gently preshape the dough into two rounds (3-4 turns tops, Spelt makes a very sensitive dough and you might ruin it at this point)

Let rest, uncovered, for 30min.

Step 6:

Shape the rounds into whichever shape you prefer or what you have available on your bannetones and cover with plastic bags.

Leave to cold proof in a 38f fridge for 10-11h

Step 7:

Pre heat oven 1h before the 10h mark with a dutch oven or pizza stone, @ 250C . Whichever method you prefer, basically.

Bake bread, covered for 25 minutes @250C and uncovered for 18-20min at 220C ventilated, turning every few minutes.

Step 8:

Let it cool for a few hours then enjoy the rich flavor from all the different grains just melting in your mouth.

Hope you like it, feel free to ask any questions.