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Hot steaming sourdough


450 grams of Shipton traditional organic White flour,

50 grams Shipton Mill Wholemeal

12 grams Cornish sea salt

340 grams water

150 grams leaven/ starter


Using hand method no kneading

1. Mix water with leaven, and mix into flour until absorbed.

2.leave for 25 mins

3.Add salt, and work it in

4.leave for 30 minutes

5.Then Pull and fold the dough from 4 sides

6.leave for 30 minutes

repeat this at least 4 more times - keeping the dough at around 21 degrees.

7.when the dough is light and active ( like fully inflated) shape into a round, place in a floured banetton and allow to prove in fridge overnight.

8.pre heat Dutch oven in oven to gas mark 9 / 250 degrees

9.Turn dough onto a greasproof doily, slash the top of the dough and place into dutch oven with lid for 25 mins.

10.Turn oven down to gas mark8 and remove lid for aprox 20 mins or until reaches 98degrees c in centre of loaf.

Enjoy fruits of your labour!