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Hot Cross buns - make your house smell of Easter!


1 egg

210 ml milk

450g Shipton Mill white bread flour

7.5g mixed spice

2.5g cinnamon

2.g fine sea salt

50g caster sygar

50g butter

7.5g dried yeast

125g mixed fruit inc dried peel

Put all ingredients except fruit into the bread machine and set to basic raisin dough setting. Add the fruit after the kneading is complete.

Once finished turn out and shape into 16 buns. Cover with oiled cling film and prove 40 mins until doubled in size. Bake for 13-15 mins at 200C until brown but still soft.

Cool on a wire rack and brush with a glaze made of 2 tbsp milk and 25g caster sugar.

Decorate with crosses - I use either marzipan or fondant icing, but a paste of of pastry can be used, in which case it should be added before baking.

i challenge you to only eat one!