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Honey, Apricot and Walnut Cob

For the paste:

25g chopped walnuts

5g runny honey

pinch of fine sea salt

10g melted butter

For the dough:

170g warm water

6g fresh yeast (or 4g instant)

170g strong white flour

40g strong wholemeal flour

40g dark rye flour

25g coarsely chopped walnuts

25g coarsely chopped dried apricots (preferably organic)

4g fine sea salt

Put all the paste ingredients in a blender until you have a paste.

Stir the yeast and the paste into the water until everything's dissolved.

Mix the flours and salt together in a large bowl, then add the liquid and bring together to form a dough. Leave in the bowl, covered with a tea towel for 10 minutes. Knead for 10 seconds then repeat twice more so that you've kneaded for 30 seconds in total, and the dough's been left for half an hour in total. By the end of this time, the dough should be springy and fully developed.

Cover the bowl with a bin bag or other, hole-free bag for about an hour, until the dough's doubled in size.

Wipe a little vegetable or sunflower oil onto your worktop - a clean j-cloth is good for this as it helps to put the right amount on. Too much oil and your dough will slide all over the place; too little and it will stick.

Flatten out the dough till it's about an inch thick (no need to be too precise about this) and then sprinkle the walnuts and apricots onto one third of it. Fold the dough over into thirds, roll it up and knead it a little to distribute the fruit and nuts throughout the dough. Leave it to rest for 10 minutes, then shape it into a tight boule and put it into a proving basket. Put the basket in a bin bag and puff it up (like you're putting on a bed sheet) to get some air in, so that it doesn't stick to the dough.

Leave it to prove at room temperature for about 45 minutes or until an indentation made with your finger leaves an impression that springs back about half way.

Tip it out of the basket and onto a peel or the back of an oven tray, well dusted with semolina, and slide onto a hot baking stone or oven tray and bake for 40 minutes.