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Honey and chesnut bread

instructions for bread maker (you can also cook it in a traditional oven)

put all the ingredients below the baking tin in the following order (or in a large bowl)

  1. 300ml Water
  2. 1,5 tsp salt
  3. 1 tbsp honey (strong and dark will be better)
  4. 50g Shipton Mill French Type 55 White Flour (102)
  5. --- STIR until "panckaes" mix consistancy
  6. add 10g bakery yeast (or dry yeast) -- stir until disolve
  7. 1 tbsp seeds -5 Seed Blend (401)
  8. 350g Shipton Mill French Type 55 White Flour (102)
  9. 100g Organic Chestnut Flour (Gluten-Free)
  10. if you have a bread maker, then select "wholemeal" program and start.

if you bake with a classic oven, mix everything until "dough" consitency and leave it in the bowl for 2 hours under a damp cloth, then put the dough in a baking tin and bake in your oven for around 45min (180°Fan, 200°gas) till the top is slightly brown (you can finish under the "grill" position for 7/10 if you like the crust to be very crunchy!)