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Homelands B&B Organic Sour-dough Country bread

Makes two loaves:

400 Gr active sour-dough starter (50% water, 50% organic white flour)

600 Gr water

700 Gr flour 1/3 each of organic light rye, organic malted flour, and organic white spelt flour

2 level tbsp of salt

1. Mix the starter with all the water and 300 Gr white spelt, cover, leave in a cool spot overnight to develop a Levain.

2. Mix in the salt and remainding 400 Gr of the flours

3. Knead by hand for 10 Min. Rest for 15 Min. Knead for a further 5 Min.

4. Shape and place in proofing baskets well dusted with Semolina flour for 1 hour

5. Put in a cool place and leave to proof for 6-12 hours untill ready to bake

6. Turn out on a pre-heated baking stone, cut decorations with a very sharp knive, add steam or a cup of water on a tray to the oven, bake at 240°C for 20 Min and at 180°C for a further 20 Min.