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Healthy Sandwich Loaf

550g strong white flour, 150g coarse wholegrain flour, 50g light rye flour

15g unsalted butter cut into small cubes
30g fresh yeast
15g sea salt
125g buttermilk (skimmed milk suitable alternative)
400g water

Large lidded Pullman tin for baking (33cm long x 10cm wide) plus v.small bread tin

Rub yeast and butter into mixed flours then add salt – mix well
Add dry ingredients to mixed water and milk, and mix till soft dough formed
Turn out of bowl and knead until dough is smooth and elastic
Rest, covered, in warm place for about an hour
Turn out onto lightly floured surface and knead again lightly.
Shape approx. 200g of dough and place in small tin
Shape remaining dough and place in Pullman; put lid on leaving gap of about 1 cm
Put oven on to heat to 250C
Rest again for 40-50 mins depending on ambient temperature until loaf in Pullman is just reaching lid
Close lid and place in oven; turn oven down to 220C (bake small loaf 15mins)
Bake Pullman for 20-25 mins covered
Bake further 5 mins out of tin uncovered until light golden brown.

Perfect for slicing when cold and freezing sliced – take slices out as required for school lunch boxes!