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Half and Half sourdough bread using retard method (over night recipe)

This sourdough loaf is made using a 50/50 White/Wholemeal Starter (general feed 1:2:2)

- The amount of flour in this recipe will produce two 800g loafs.


Mix all flour, water and malt in a bucket and set aside for 30-60 min.


Mix in your starter (ensure that it's at it's prime) and push it in to the mix.

- I normally mix it by hand for 5-10 min, let it sitt on the bench for 10 min and then mix it again for 5-10min.

For the next 4 hours, at every hour I do a stretch and fold to develop stretch in the dough.


Place your dough on a flat surface and divide it in half (provided you are using the same amount of flour)

Pre-shap the dough to smaller rounds and set aside to relax for 10-15 min

Shape the bread that fits your style (Rounds or Batons) and place them in to a proofing basked.

Bulk proofing

This bread uses the retard method and is left in the fridge 8-12hrs (depending on how cold your fridge is)


Whilst waiting for the oven to get warm You should remove the dough from the fridge

- I use a ceramic bread Cloche so I pre-heat the oven for about 45-60min prior to the bake.

Bake this bread at 275c for 20 min then on 240c for another 20 min.

Set aside on a wire rack for 1h


Total Bread weight 1600g

Grams - Type - Bakers percentage

50% - 416g - White untreated no.4
50% - 416g - Canadian Stone ground Wholemeal
68% - 565g - H2O
0.50% - 4g - Malt
3% - 25g - Fine sea salt
21% - 175g - Mature, liquid levain

Hydration 71%

Happy baking!