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Grandads Sunday sourdough


I have a gifted sourdough starter which I feed daily with 50g of Shipton's Canadian strong bread flour and 50mls warm water


50mls of starter

130g of Shipton's Canadian strong flour

130mls warm water

leave for 24 hours to activate in a covered bowl in a warm room

After the 24 hours, make the dough

125mgs of the Levane to a mixing bowl

500gs Shipton's Canadian strong flour

13g salt (I use low salt and are unable to taste the dfifference )

300mls Luke warm water

Mix all together for 10 mins either via hand or electric mixer with dough hook

put into a lightly oiled bowl stretching and bringing together ,cover with cling film for 1 hour, repeat the stretching and covering process 3 times in total

tip out of bowl onto flat surface lightly dusted with rice flour (my preferred flour at this point)

shape into desired shape , round or baton dependant on proving basket

Place into the basket with best side down

cover with film and tea towel and leave to prove for 5-6 hours

store in fridge overnight

pre heat oven to 250 C with pizza stone on middle shelf a deep sided baking dish on next shelf down

When oven at required temperature remove pizza stone onto a heat resistant surface

turn out bread carefully onto pizza stone

slash top,of loaf with sharp knife or razor blade to stop bread bursting through when cooking

put half a cup of boiling water into the tray on the lower shelf

QUICKLY put pizza stone back in oven

this allows steam from tray to circulate the bread and form the crust

cooking times

4 mins 250C FAN OFF

30mins 200C FAN ON

ENJOY, I have tried many flour types before discovering Shipton's at the start of lockdown and have gone from just Sourdough Sunday to Sourdough Wednesday and any other day that we share it with family members .Our latest granddaughter 1 year old , refuses to eat any other bread always sniffing it before eating to make sure she is not being duped !!!

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