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Granary Loaf with breadmaker knead

Add the following to your breadmaker:

1 tsp Yeast

375g Strong White Flour

100g Strong Wholemeal Flour

50g Dark Rye Flour

1.25 tsp Sugar

1.25 tsp Salt

25g Sunflower Oil

250g Sourdough Starter (50% flour 50% water)

250g Water

Then add the following into the separate dispenser:

125g 5 Seed Blend

I prefer only to knead and rest in the breadmaker and shape and bake outside of the machine. Therefore, set for a 'dough' recipe with additions (typically a 2hr 20min cycle).

Once finished, shape into a single loaf, no further resting is required and bake at 230 degrees C for 36 minutes.