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Gluten free sourdough

By Sophie & Charmie

Dry Ingredients Bowl:
5g Salt
12g Sugar
400g GF Bread Flour (white bread flour Shipton Mill)
Combine dry ingredients
200g ‘Mother’ (Brown Teff Sourghdough starter) Leave to sit (don’t touch ‘Mother’ with Metal)

Wet Ingredients Jug:
16g Psyllium Husk Powder 465g Water
[Mix vigorously until no lumps, it will try and clump so do it quickly]

Add jug ingredients to Dry bowl and mix with plastic or silicon spoon/spatula until no flour lumps
Pour into proving dish and cover Let it sit until it rises (6-10 hours)

Heat casserole dish in oven with lid on at max until it comes to temperature Take dish out
Uncover the bread and hold baking paper over it
Turn upside down onto bench to remove from proving dish Slice pattern into bread
Put baking paper and bread into dish and put lid on
25min with lid on 25min with lid off
Turn off oven and leave bread in there to cool

Feed the Mother

1 heaped table spoon of brown teff flour and a splash of water (add more if necessary, looking for a thick batter consistency) Mix with plastic chopstick - scrape down sides & sit jar lid on top
To sleep the Mother: Feed then sit lid on top (not screwed on) and put in fridge
To wake: Put on bench / Feed morning and night that day / Wait til she is bubbling to use it