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Gluten-Free Profiteroles


For the profiteroles:
- 110g Shipton Mill gluten-free plain white flour, sieved
- 1 tsp caster sugar
- Pinch of salt
- 130ml water
- 70g butter, chilled and cubed
- 2-3 eggs, lightly beaten

For the filling:
- 500ml whipping cream

For the chocolate sauce:
- 100ml water
- 80g caster sugar
- 200g gluten free dark chocolate, broken in to pieces


1. Sift the flour, salt and sugar together and place it on a small piece of
2. Place the butter and water in a small pan and gently heat until the water is
boiling and the butter has melted.
3. Quickly pour in the ingredients you have sifted on to the parchment (this is
called shooting the flour), remove the pan from the heat and beat well with a
spatula until the mixture combines, forms a ball and comes away from the
pan. Cook the mixture through a little more then leave to cool for a few
minutes, knocking some of the hot air out with your spoon. You want to let
the mixture cool a little bit first or the eggs could scramble when you add
4. Using an electric whisk or spatula add in the beaten egg a little at a time and
beat to a soft shiny paste.
5. Fill a piping bag with the pastry, cut off the end to about the size of a 20p
piece and pipe out balls of dough, the size of a walnut, on to a baking tray
lined with baking paper.
6. Bake in an oven pre-heated 200°C (fan) for 10 minutes then reduce to 180°C
for 15 min until risen and golden.
7. Remove from the oven, make a slit or a hole in the bottom of each
profiterole then return to the oven for a few minutes to cool.

8. Whip the cream then spoon into a piping bag and fill the profiteroles through
the hole you made in the base. Alternatively, you could slit the profiteroles in
9. To make the chocolate sauce put the sugar and water in a small saucepan
and bring to the boil. While the sugar syrup is beginning to boil melt the
chocolate. Take the sugar syrup pan off the heat and pour into the bowl of
chocolate stirring until smooth and combined. Drizzle over the profiteroles.

Special thanks to the team at Seasoned Cookery School for creating this recipe for us, to see what else they do and all the courses they have on offer visit their website.