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Ginger Cake

Ginger Recipe

10 oz Self Raising Flour
8 oz Demerara Sugar
¼ oz Salt
½ oz Ginger
½ oz Cinnamon
3 oz Butter (or 6oz of soft margarine and no lard for a lighter cake)
3 oz Lard
8 oz Golden Syrup (the tinned version seems to work better than the squzy bottle)
2 eggs
5 fl oz Milk
3 oz Raisins
2 oz Walnuts (optional)
Good pinch of Nutmeg

Mix flour, sugar, spices and salt.
Melt fats and syrup add to flour and mix well.
Add eggs beat until smooth.
Lastly add milk, fruit and nuts.
Thoroughly grease oblong tin line only the bottom.
Pour in mixture to a 20cm square baking tin bout 4cm deep
Bake at gas 2-3 (moderate oven about 140C-???) for 1 to 11/2 hours.
The cake will feel tender yet firm to touch when almost baked
Remove from oven and allow to cool.
Dust with icing sugar (optional).