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German rustic country loaf


150g of wheat grains (or any other grains) soaked in water over night - then drained
375g buttermilk (or any milk culture substitute such as a bit of sour cream or yogurt and milk) – heat to room temperature
650g Organic Fig, Spelt and Pumpkin seed flour (or mix any 500g wholemeal flour with 150g seeds)
125g Sourdough starter (rye based)
½ a cube fresh yeast (21g) or ca 10g dry yeast or one sachet (7g) instant yeast
1.5 teaspoon salt (preferable coarse sea salt, crushed in mortar)


1. Improvement
• Mix flour (and seed is used) in a large mixing bowl – make a shallow hollow into the flour
• Add sour dough and yeast into hollow
• Add all of warmed buttermilk into hollow
• Make a paste with a bit of flour
• Add salt onto the flour on the side
• Add drained wheat grains
• Kneed in a machine or per hand for at least 10 minutes until dough forms easily into a ball
• Sprinkle a bit of flour over the ball
• Rest in a bowl for at 45 min (at room temperature)

2. Improvement
Briefly knead dough again – stretch dough a bit – tuck under and form a ball and let rest again 45 min, covered at room temperature.

3. Baking
• Put a bowl of water into the oven
• Put the baking sheet into the middle of the oven
• Preheat oven to 250°C (or 200°C fan)
• Put the bread ball onto the HOT baking sheet and bake for 20-25 min
• Reduce oven to 200°C respectively 170°C for fan and bake another 30 mins
• Cool completely and don’t be tempted to try early 