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Generic Baguette Recipe

600 grams French flour

400ml approx cold water

3 grams yeast dried

10 grams sea salt

Around 75ml starter (make your own 50/50 flour and water takes about 2 weeks to establish)

Regarding the starter research as a book can be written on the subject.

Mix the dry ingredients just a little

You do need a mixer with a dough attachment it doesnt have to be a hook or do it by hand if you must.

Add most of the water the final mixture should be just a little tacky but dry enough to clean the inside of the bowl 400ml is as starting point.

Mix for long enough to combine but not to get the gluten working too much.

Scrape out into a container which will fit in the fridge and leave overnight.

Next day scrape out onto a shiny work top which has been lightly floured and leave until it relaxes a little then stretch and fold 2-3 times over the next 20 minutes.

Watch a few videos on how to shape I use a method which is for ciabatta as I like an open texture. Best not to do a Baguette shaping unless you have done this before and even if you have try it without doing to much work with the shaping as it knocks all the air out of the dough.

You should get 4 loaves at of this mix.

There are many articles and books on how to make bread so why this menu? No kneading is the reason, research no knead bread and then you will understand.

I have found the longer I leave the dough to prove the better the taste, leave it too long keep it for a pizza base.

Oven 250c