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Fresh Cherry Sponge


Pick your cherries before the pigeons get them all!

Wash and pit about one punnets worth of cherries, (take out the stones) you can do this just using an ordinary fruit knife, it doesn't matter whether they are half or whole! they don't go brown so you can do it a little ahead of time!

Mix up your one pot sponge:

Weigh 4 eggs, (roughly 220g)

Weigh out the same equal quantities of:

-220g Shipton Mill white SR flour,

-220g sugar (caster if you have it) and

-220g soft marge or softened butter.

Whisk the sponge ingredients together

Oil two 7 inch cake tins well, (this avoids the need for unrecyclable baking paper!!)

Spread out the cake mix

shake the cherries out on top - pushing them in slightly to the mix,

It doesn't need to be very deeply filled, the cherries will sink slightly ane be covered - and the cake will rise a little.

Sprinkle a little extra sugar on the top, to give a crispier spakly finish!

Bake for 25-30 minutes, opening the oven carefully and testing with a skewer - if it comes out clean, they are cooked. If not, pop back in for another few minutes.

serve with your dietry choice of fresh cream, oat cream, creme fraish etc! Delicious warm out of the oven

You could layer the two cakes for a celebration or more dessert feel! and dust with icing sugar.