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Focaccia- Rosemary

500g strong bread flour
2 tsp salt
1 sachet dried yeast or about 20g fresh yeast- crumbled
80ml olive oil, plus extra for kneading and drizzling and oiling
250ml warm water
1 bunch fresh rosemary
Few pinches of sea salt

*Use the best extra virgin olive oil you can for the best flavour*

In a jug add yeast to the warm water and leave for 5 mins to start working
Flour into large bowl, add salt.
Add olive oil to the flour and mix a bit
Slowly add the water mixture to the flour, mixing together before adding a bit more. Make sure all the yeast is used.
It may seem like there is too much water but keep working the dough until it all comes together. Don’t add any flour.
Knead the dough for about 10 mins on lightly floured surface. If it gets sticky add small amounts of olive oil and use a scraper. Don’t add any flour.
Dough should now be stretchy and elastic and smell good
Shape the dough into a large flat oval onto a baking sheet – about 30x20 cm.
Cover the whole tray and dough (ideally a big bin liner will cover everything and remain airtight, still giving enough room for the dough to expand) making sure nothing touches the dough
Leave to rise for at least 1 hour. The dough should rise quite a lot. If it’s cold it might take hours.
With a floured finger press indents into the dough at regular intervals- 4cm apart, in rows.
Take some sprigs of rosemary and press these into the holes.
Drizzle with sea salt
Bake for about 25- 30 mins on 200 C normal oven,
Until well risen, golden- when tapping base it sounds hollow
Drizzle with rest of olive oil- and leave to cool on tray.