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Floury white baps.


500gms T55 white flour

35gms unsalted butter diced

35gms caster sugar

10gms salt

7gm good quality dried active yeast

300mls of warm water - temp between 32c and 36c


Place salt at bottom of mixing bowl, put flour then butter, yeast and sugar ontop. Add 3/4 of water. Mix with dough hook on medium or by hand and slowly add remainder of water. Mix for 6 -7 mins until dough is smooth and glossy. Place in lightly oiled bowl and cover, leave to prove until doubled in volume. Turn dough out onto floured surface and cut into 12. Shape into dough balls and then lightly roll into thick rounds, half bap size. Place 6 rounds to a baking tray leaving plenty of space for rise. Place trays into proving bag for 55mins or until doubled in size. Set oven to gas 7. Remove baps from proving bag. Sprinkle baps lightly with flour and bake in middle of pre-heated oven for 9-11 minutes, turn tray halfway through baking for even colouring. Cool then enjoy!