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Flatbread Wrap (4)


160g Strong Flour
30g Spelt Flour
pinch of salt
splash of olive oil
water to make dough


Combine ingredients, nead a few times to smooth the dough and leave to rest for 20 minutes in a covered bowl.

Cut in to 70g balls of dough and roll each ball out to 8 inch diameter on a floured surface. Go for 65g balls when you develop the rolling skill.

Heat a cast iron pan until very hot, and add the flatbread. Heat for 1 minute and turn over for another minute, finishing on the first side for 30 secs. Look out for bubbling and browned spots all over. Give them a bit longer if need be, Finish the flat bread with tongs on a medium gas flame moving the flatbread around to catch any uncooked dough. This is something like the chapatti method - by the last one you might see the dough ballooning like a cushion - ideal. Best eaten straight away.

These quantities should make 4 flatbread about 8" across. Really very much nicer than shop bought flatbreads or wraps, and no wastage either.

Use any flour that you like, spelt flour adds crispyness, or use plain flour, for a softer flatbread. I often add a bit of wholemeal flour to bring it closer to chapatti flour, Now make your own falafel!