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Fennel Parathas



• 300g Chapati Atta Flour (Shipton do a nice organic one) plus extra for dusting whilst rolling
• 2 level teaspoons fennel seeds
• 1 chopped chilli or more to taste
• 4g salt (or to personal preference)


• 120ml lukewarm water (mix of 1/3 boiled water from kettle and 2/3 tap water, may need to adjust the ratio in winter as tap water colder then)
• Extra 50ml lukewarm water on standby
• Rapeseed Oil (can use others such as sunflower oil or ghee)


• Kenwood Chef with dough hook or something similar (eg. a good pair of hands)
• Rolling Pin
• Tawa (Indian style frying pan) or non-stick Frying Pan
• Shower Cap or damp tea towel


1) Put all the dry ingredients in your Kenwood chef and give a quick stir
2) Add all the wet ingredients and put Kenwood chef on lowest setting for 10 minutes to knead dough. First time you make this flatbread, check five minutes in, and if dough does not seem wet enough gradually add the extra lukewarm water until you think this is wet enough.
3) Once ten minutes are up, take out and do a stretch test to see if gluten has formed. If not, knead a little longer. You want a soft brown bread texture for your dough (bouncy but rollable)
4) Leave to rest for atleast 30 minutes with a damp tea towel on top. (This can be made a day in advance and kept for later)
5) Separate into 10 pieces and shape them so that the form balls
6) Preheat Tawa/Frying pan on medium heat on cooker.
7) Sprinkle surface its flour and ball. Rollout dough ball until 1/2 cm thick (approx 5-6 inches in diameter)
8) Place rolled paratha on Tawa/Frying Pan and when colour changes on top flip
9) Drizzle one teaspoon of oil on and and underneath paratha
10) Flip and turn paratha around until you get desired colour (see photo)
11) Repeat for remaining dough balls
12) Eat and share with your friends.

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