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Experimenting With Dark Rye and Wholegrain Spelt

Being a relatively novice baker, I am delighted with my experiments to date. Of late have had some delicious results with my Shipton Mill Organic Dark Rye.

Here's how its done -

50grams active starter - mine has been nurtured with rye and white in equal measure

240grams dark rye flour

240grams water

Mix the above into a shaggy mass, and set aside overnight.

At the same time toast seeds/grains on a frying pan to release their oils and soak in warm tap water. I've used -

60grams pumpkin

60grams sunflower

60grams barley

Now for the final dough, here are the ingredients -

175grams dark rye flour

175grams wholemeal spelt flour

325 grams warm water with 2 tsps of instant coffee

Mix the dough ingredients together, no need for any kneading, as rye does not need that. Add the levain and seed/grain mix(after draining off fluid) and set aside for about 30 minutes. Place into greased loaf tins - I place mine in a 2lb tin to end up with a large loaf. You can use a couple of 1lb tins if you'd rather. Cover with cling film and set aside to prove for about 90 to 120 minutes. You will see some rise, about 30% to 50%.

Pre-warm oven to185Deg C (Fan) and bake for an initial 35 minutes. Take oven temperature down to 155Deg C (Fan) for a further 90 to 100 minutes. Please ensure you've covered your baking tin with foil for the baking process. Check that the bottom of loaf taps hollow before removing from oven. Cool for a good 36 hours after having wrapped the loaf in kitchen towels (not paper but the fabric ones).

After that....slice and enjoy. Thin slices work well with this bread, perfect for a variety of open sandwiches.