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Everyday basic bread

Simply the best
Basic bread for fussy eaters


900g white flour no 105
100g extra coarse wholemeal no 216
20g fresh yeast
20g salt
700grms warm water


Mix flours and rub in yeast; add salt.
Add dry mix to warm water and mix with dough hook in mixer until leaving sides of bowl
Turn out onto work surface and knead until dough is smooth and elastic
Put in a bowl and cover and prove for 1 hour
Turn dough onto floured work surface and divide as required
(quantity makes 10 rolls about 85g each, a large loaf 700g and a very small loaf 200grms)

I placed one roll in the middle of “la cloche” base and 9 rolls around outside and proved covered with a cloth for 45 mins till double in size; the dough for the loaves was put in loaf tins and proved covered with a cloth for 1 hour till double in size

Whilst proving the dough turn the oven on 220 C and put lid of cloche in oven to heat

When rolls are risen put hot lid on base of cloche, put in oven and cook covered for 40 mins and uncovered for 5 mins.

Cook loaves on 230C for 20 mins

This bread is quick and easy and my young grandchildren enjoy tearing the rolls apart and taking them to school for lunch. The rolls freeze well

Note: As a more interesting alternative when making the rolls they can be brushed with water and dipped in a variety of seeds before putting in “la cloche” then arranged in a ring and this makes a much more attractive looking “loaf” of rolls