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English crumpets

Makes 8-10 crumpets.

150g active sourdough starter

300g plain flour

300ml water

1 level teaspoon salt

1 level teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

In the evening mix 150g active sourdough starter with 300g plain flour to 300ml water and 150g active starter. Allow to ferment overnight.

In the morning, when doubled in size, add 1 level teaspoon salt, 1 level teaspoon bicarbonate of soda and mix into the batter. At this stage the consistency can be adjusted by adding a little more water if required, but it should be thick but pourable.

Heat a cast iron pan on a medium heat, for at least 5 minutes. When ready to cook, oil the pan sparingly, using an oil spray or use oil and wipe with a kitchen towel (using tongs as pan is hot). Oil as many crumpet rings as will sit in the pan and add to the pan. Pour in batter to half way up the side of the crumpet ring and cook for 10 to 12 minutes. After this time bubbles should have appeared on the surface. Flip over to cook the other side for just a couple of minutes. Run a knife round the ring to loosen the cooked crumpet. At this stage either side can be browned further by adding back to the pan, if required.

Allow to cool slightly before enjoying with butter or favourite topping, or allow to cool and toast as required. Great for freezing.