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Emily Dickinson Rye And Cornmeal Sourdough Variation


· 125 g fine cornmeal

· ½ teaspoon salt


· 500 ml boiling water

Stir thoroughly and then mix in:

· 3 flat tbsp organic malted extract

When handhot, add:

· 300 g rye sourdough starter

· 200 g malted grain flour

· 1 tsp dried yeast

Give it one hundred stirs in both directions with a wooden spoon.

Leave the sponge in a warm place to double in size.

Stir in

· ca 300 g rye flour

· and ca 100 g malted grain flour

· another ½ teaspoon of salt.

It will be a sticky, stiffish mass.

Leave to double in size.

Mix in scoops of flour of choice in order to handle the dough and place into well oiled tins. Leave to rise again.

Place pan of water in oven heated to 200°C.

Bake for 50 mins or until loaves sound hollow when tapped.