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Einkorn Bread Recipe


330 gr water
90 gr starter
350 gr traditional organic white
100 gr organic stoneground wholemeal
50 gr organic einkorn
9 gr salt dissolved in 9 gr water


Refresh starter in the morning and put the elastic band around the jar to mark (1 part of starter, 1 part of water and 1 part of flour, ie. 30gr+30gr+30gr)
When your starter is at least doubled in volume and bubbly and active and safely passes the float test (this could be 3-6 hours depending on the water, room temp, four strength etc) - Mix and knead dough; flour, water and the starter without the salt, cover (bulk fermentation begins)

Add salt and either using “Stretch & Tear” (traditional kneading technique- poised like a puma) or “Slap & Fold” technique incorporate the salt into the dough and trap some air whilst developing the gluten. Leave to rest for 20 mins.

Do 3 Stretch & Folds at 30 mins-1h intervals

Shape the dough

Place in a banneton.

After placing your dough in your banneton, leave it out for about 20-30 mins then place in the fridge for overnight fermentation. (around 12-16 hours)

Next day, turn on your oven to 250C (fan assisted or top and bottom setting) and place your Dutch Oven or baking stone, an hour before you take the dough out of the fridge. Bake straight from the fridge.

Score your dough, spray with water and bake with lid on for 30 mins at 250C towards the end of the 30 mins turn the temp down to 200C, take the lid off and bake for further 15/20 mins to your liking. Place a container full of ice in the oven to create steam to achieve a nice crust.