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Easy Steamed Gluten Free All Natural Cyclist Energy Bar (No Sugar)

1) Soak overnight in 600ml of water 100g of pitted organic Deglet Nour dates.

2) Add mixture into a food processor along with 5 very ripe organic bananas and 2 teaspoons of organic cacao powder.

3) Blend ingredients together until smooth.

4) Add 200g of Shipton Mill Organic Maize Flour & 200g of Shipton Mill Organic Tapioca Starch to wet mixture and blend together until smooth.

5) Pour mixture into suitable steaming bowl and steam for 20-25mins.

6) Leave to fully cool down and then cut into desired "bars" or "chunks" as required. Best done after a few hours in the fridge.

7) Lasts in fridge for 4 days but freezes extremely well which is what I usually do.