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easy sourdough bread


300 gr sourdough (renewed at least 4 hour)

500 gr canadian strong white bread flour (112)

50 gr organic wheatgerm & bran (508)

100 gr organic semolina (507)

100 gr 5 seed blend (401)

50 gr organic malted wheat flakes (305)

200 gr italian white flour "00" (118)

600 ml water

23 gr salt


Dissolve the sourdough in the water using a flat beater until is bubbly. Gently add the rest of the ingredients previously mixed together When the dough start to roll up change the flat beater with the dough hook. Knead until the bowl is completely clean and the dough is smooth. turn out and roll it in a round loaf and leave it to rise for 8 hours preheat the oven and cook it at the maximum temperature (240°C)for about 10 min, then reduce the oven to 200°C for about 30 minutes leave it to cool down before enjoying it ! :)