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Easy Sourdough


500g Shipton mill white flour

350g water

50g sourdough starter

10g salt


At approx 8pm Mix the ingredients in a bowl.

i normally mix the starter with the water first so that it's distributed well. Use a scraper or spatula to begin with then your fingers to bring it together. Cover the bowl.

A hour or 2 later, lift and fold the dough 4 times (from each side) and cover again.

Next morning place dough on a well floured surface and fold into centre. Turn the ball of dough and drag to increase tension on surface.

Place dough in a well floured banneton and leave to rise for about an hour.

Preheat oven to 230 deg c and heat a Dutch oven (cast iron pot with lid).

Place dough on greaseproof paper and into Dutch oven.

Bake with lid on for 20mins then bake for further 20mins until crust is brown and crispy. Turn out onto a rack to cool.

Enjoy with some homemade soup for lunch!