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Easy Scandi-like Whole Rye Whole Wheat Apple and Peacun Bread


400g Dark Rye flour

100g Biodynamic wholewheat flour

400g Water

50g Rye Levain

2 apples

50-100g of Peacuns


Grate the apples, add the flours, water and the levain. Mix them thoroughly (the flour should be all wet), add the peacuns, mix again.

Pat and form into a ball and let it prove at room temp until at least doubled in size (about 8-9 hrs at 22°C).

Carefully divide into two parts and place into two 500g baking tins that are lined with butter and flour.

Bake 15 minutes max temp with a lot of steam inside your oven (either wet towels, or boiling pot), bake further 40 minutes in 200°C oven or until the internal bread temperature measures above 98°C.

Let cool thoroughly (at least 6-8 hours).