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Easy Mixer Bread - Taste Method

A few minutes work, with a few hours doing other things while it makes its self.
Keep a piece of dough from your last loaf. I put mine in a jug with some water and a little flour, mix to get sloppy. If its going to be a while between bakes put it in the fridge and give it a little flour and water every other day or so). I keep it with my bowls and jugs in a stacknstore box with a lid.

Put a little oil in the mixing bowl add the saved sloppy mix and add some liquid.
Maybe some honey or sugar I mix this in a mug or jamjar with about quarter of a piece of BIOREAL yeast (yummy) and some liquid, then add to bowl.
Less yeast better taste more yeast quicker rise.

Add White or whatever flours and mix on min speed adding flour until a very soft mix is achieved. I add my flour from a plastic measuring jug, lovin plastic measuring jugs.

Add salt keep mixing taste a little it may be yuk but you get to know how its going to taste when baked.

You can use varied amounts of whatever flours you fancy I like organic white (701) yum yum with a little spelt (407) heaven and a little more wholemeal (703) happy happy happy.

You can add a few seeds or nuts or raisins don't over mix.

Keep adding flour until it leaves the sides of the bowl. Scrape from hook, I prefer the K beater.

Give it another wap on the next speed up from min, 1 on my kenwood, for about one minute.

Rest it. Dough loves resting.

Shape into a ball. Return to the bowl. The colder the longer it takes to double in size the
longer it takes the stronger the flavour.

Remove from bowl (remember to keep a piece back to go in the jug for next time).
Oil and flour your mits and your board or tabletop, gently fold the edges to the centre forming a ball and repeat, it needs to know its a ball from the centre to the surface.

Final rise, I put it in a big well oiled plastic measuring jug with a piece of floured clingfilm on top, darkness is good but no big deal.

When doubled, thats doubled, it may take some time. Invert on to baking tray.
Slash top, sharp blade gentle confident action. ////.

Bake off high 240C ish for 10 mins then turn down to about 225C for another 20 or so mins. I put a little aluminum foil tray of water on the baking tray with the bread. It seems to boost the rise in the oven and gives a chewyer texture. If it doesn't look done it its probably not done yet. If its black on the top you overdid it you nitwit. Good luck and Happy baking.