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Easy Brioche

375g floor T45
15g fresh yeast
7.5g salt
45g sugar
110g egg lighly beaten
113g lukewarm whole milk
120g room temperature butter in small dices

sugar pearls (optional)
one egg yold beaten with a few drops of cold water and a tiny bit of salt

Dilute the yeast in the lukewarm milk (no more than 38C). Wait for 10minutes. Prepare the other ingredients.
Put in the mixer bowl sugar, salt, flour, egg and milk+yeast

Knead with the hook accesory for 10-12min, speed 7-8. You MUST stay but the robot to avoid a fall!
The dough needs to form a ball completely detached from the bowl.

Add the room temperature butter in three gos and keep kneading a few minutes until the dough has reach a nice elastic texture.

Cover with a wet tea towel. Leave it to rise in a warm place for 90min. (by a radiator or heat your oven at 50C, switch it off and put the covered dough in it).

The dough needs to double in volume.

Knead briefly to take out the gaz.

Divide in 6 equal parts.

Make 6 balls, seams on the bottom, on a tray cover with baking paper.

With a brush, cover with egg yolk slightly beaten.

Put in the fridge for 10min.

Apply a second layer of egg yold. Cover with sugar pearls (optional).

Leave it to rise for 30min. The balls will rise some more during cooking, ensure they're not sitting to tight to each other

Preheat over 220C. Put in the over, turn down the heat to 180C and cook for 20min (depending of oven) with the fan option desactivated if possible.

Wait 30min before eating for the dough to have rested.