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Easiest sourdough bread made by cheating using breadmaker


c.25g Starter (either make your own or acquire some from another sourdough maker and carry on feeding and using your own starter)

500g any Shipton mill flour to your liking.
I use either 100% white no 4/Canadian

(I find 500g makes the optimum sized loaf for best results of rise and baked through)

or 75-80% white and remainder of light malt or any other flour(s)

C.350ml Warm water 70% hydration

10g any salt


Place breadmaker pan into digital scales a set to zero.

Weigh flour(s) into pan

Add water, salt & the tiny amount of starter (keep salt away from falling directly onto the starter.

Set breadmaker onto dough/pizza setting.

once the dough has been mixed by machine remove pan and cover with a shower cap or plastic bag to prevent dough drying out.

Leave at room temperature for up to 12-15 hours as the tiny amount of starter means it will take a while before it overproves.
(however depending on ambient temperature keep an eye on the dough to ensure it doesn't overprove. I find it safer to put it somewhere cold or fridge if you think it might overprove before you are ready to bake.

once it's proved (try finger tip in dough test - ie it's ready when dough slowly springs back when depressed with your finger; if it springs back immediately it's not ready; if it doesnt spring back it's over proved but ok for a pizza/focaccia.)

Shape dough

When dough is ready tip out onto lightly floured board. Lightly shape creating tension in crust. Place upside down in lined container floured with semolina flour to prevent it sticking. Create further tension by joining base even more.

You can bake immediately after scoring now;

or Place in a cool place (a fridge for up to 48 hours; or even freezer for 30 mins before scoring before baking.


Preheat oven to its maximum temperature 250C. You can preheat DO but I find it makes no difference (except for getting burnt when scoring).

Turn out dough onto the base of a dutch oven; sprinkle with rice flour and spread lightly across topnof loaf.

Score pattern using a lame or razor blade to allow loaf to expand as oven spring should double size of loaf.

Cover with lid and place in hot oven for 30 minutes initially.

After 30 minutes remove lid, reduce heat to 200C and bake for a further 20-25 minutes depending on how well done you like your loaf.

Test the temperature with a probe and ensure no raw dough sticks to temp probe.

Turn oven off and let loaf cool slowly; initially in oven cooling down with oven door ajar For up to 10minutes.

Remove cooked loaf and cool further and try to let cool completely before slicing.