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Dutch Oven Delicious Walnut and Date Loaf

Mix in a big bowl:

3 generous cups of wholemeal flour (i use shipton's 205)

1tsp salt

1tsp instant yeast

1 cup of walnuts (quarters/ pieces)

half cup of dates thinly sliced (vary depending how fruit/ sweet you prefer)

mix in a bowl and add around 2 cups of water - until all flour wet and sticky

cover bowl and leave overnight somewhere warm

Next morning - heat oven to 200deg c with the medium sized le creuset (or pot with lid) in the oven (around 40mins)

(i use hot AGA oven)

sprinkle a little white flour on the expanded dough and into the bottom of le creuset pot

pour the dough into the pot, lid on and in oven for 30mins

then take lid off and back in oven for further 10mins

easily lifts out of pot onto rack :

see if you can wait a few minutes before cutting open and letting hot butter melt on a slice!

Notes- can scale up to 5 cups flour with a larger cooking pot and add enough water as before until wet

and a little more yeast.